• August 26, 2017

August 26: Gassers 4

August 26: Gassers 4

Automobile Driving Museum

August 26, 2017


$15 Registration per car, $20 day of registration

Visit this link for another awesome photo gallery from Bob Mohler who attended the event and loved it.


SillyWillyA “gasser” was a type of hot rod developed to compete in NHRA Gas Class events beginning in the early 1950’s and continuing to 1970. NHRA Gas Classes were created to accomodate modified stock cars not eligible to compete in stock or “fuel” classes of the day. Gassers were based on production models from the 1930s to mid-1960s, which have been stripped of extraneous weight and jacked up using a truck beam axle to provide better weight distribution on acceleration . Weight reduction techniques include fiberglass body panels, stripped interiors and plexiglass windows. Later Gasser versions had the wheelbase moved aft up to 24 inches to improve rear weight distribution and therefore traction. These cars are often thought of as the predessor to the modern funny car.

Gassers were built for drag racing and typically had a larger, more powerful, modified engine. Superchargers and mechanical fuel injection were typical modifications which have become commonplace in modern automobiles Gassers often appear to be top heavy and ungainly due to raised front ends which assist in the rearward weight transfer during drag racing. Exhaust pipes (no mufflers) often exit through the front fender well and sometimes straight up through the hood area. Bodies were often painted in flamboyant metalflakes, pearls, and candy finishes complemented ADM is proud to present this important and sometimes overlooked segment of automotive history to our visitors. Many innovations in automotive racing design and technologies were pioneered by the Gassers some of which have become commonplace in modern automobiles. Come see these fabulous vehicles and hear from the “real gasser” people in a forum setting.

Fat Bastard will be there!

Fat Bastard will be there!

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