Steve Reyes Legendary Drag Racing Photographer


Our Funny Car exhibit would not be possible without the help of Steve Reyes, who provided a treasure trove of photographs and first-hand knowledge.

Book available online at Amazon and other sellers.

Book available online at Amazon and other sellers.

Steve Reyes was first introduced to the sport of Drag Racing in 1963 when at 15 years old he read a ad in the Oakland Tribune for Fremont Drag Strip and their “Nitro Burning Slingshot Dragster” races on Sundays. Steve convinced his Dad to make the 20 mile drive one way to the race track and there he was mesmerized by the smoking tires and nitro fumes that filled the air. This proved to be addictive for the wide-eyed teenager. For a few weekends he shot photos with a 620 Brownie from behind the spectator fence. After some wheeling and dealing with the track owner/promoter Steve took his place out in and on the starting line for better photos and thus began a fifty year career as a professional photographer traveling far and wide documenting the fast and furious.

As a Freelance Photographer he has been published in Drag News,National Dragster,Drag World,Drag Digest,Drag Racing USA Magazine,Hot Rod Magazine,Car Craft Magazine,Popular Hot Rodding Magazine,Super Chevy Magazine,Cars Magazine,Super Stock Magazine,Off-Road Magazine,All American Drags Magazine,Vintage Motorsports Magazine, Hemmings Muscle Car Magazine,Gasser Wars Magazine,Esquire Magazine,Penthouse Magazine and countless other newspapers and European Magazines. During one month in 1973 he shot 7 covers of the 11 car magazines on the news stand.

You may purchase photos directly from Steve at his online shop.

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  1. todd vaughn

    I’m Charlie Wilson’s nephew and was looking for photos of the vicious vette ,and vicious too camaro funny cars of late sixtys and early seventys. thanks

  2. JDA Enterprises

    This is very inspiring post. Hoping that in every generations people will preserve the values that they learn from drag racing. Through these photographs new generations will inspire how amazing the drag racing.

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