• April 7, 2015

1928 Packard Speedster

1928 Packard Speedster

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Body Style: Boat- tail speedster, custom

Factory Price: N/A
Production: 1
Weight: N/A
Engine: Straight 8, 3 Stromberg carburetors

Horse Power: 105
Cubic Inches: 384
Wheel Base: 133 in.
Transmission: 3 speed forward
Brakes: Hydraulic


[column grid=”2″ span=”1″]On loan from Carl Schneider.

This sensational custom speedster was originally built for a Packard dealer in Pasadena who eventually sold the car to a friend, a fellow Army Air Corp Bi plane pilot, those planes having Packard Liberty engines. The car was originally built on a 533 chassis by the Thompson Products Company, now TRW Inc.
The car was found in pieces in 1980 and was rebuilt with hydraulic brakes, a 1953 Packard engine as a 1928 engine could not be found, two spare tires added for an anticipated race, and a second tail light. The speedster has a “Thompson racing grille” deviating from the more traditional Packard grilles.
The famous, fashionable Woodlite headlamps were used, famous for their glamour and famous for not lighting the road ahead.

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